What will YES I KAHN bring you?

Create a moment of emotions, common experiences and memories for your team, your guests.

Reward and motivate your team.

Create an opportunity of networking and connections.

Integrative event management

  • Site inspection to prepare the event in detail and meet the suppliers in person
  • On-site supervision and coordination of  the local partners, DMC (receptive agencies)

Attractive, federative and innovative activities

Activities taking advantage of the meeting location, city, country

  • Rally with augmented reality – option to include marketing campaign imagery, quiz on product launch
  • Rally in Citroën 2CV  in France, old-timers in Prague, Trabant in Berlin
  • Boat ride on the Canal of Panama with walking tour in the Gamboa nature park
  • Paella contest in Valencia
  • Cooking class and dinner
  • Wine tasting, or blind wine tasting
  • Tapas rally in Andalusia
  • Visit of the Halles Bocuse, gastronomic market in Lyon
  • Dragon Boat challenge
  • Catamaran & sailing boat regatta
  • Speedboat around the Palm and along the skyline in Dubai
  • Rugby game with professional players, to understand the importance of the team
  • Chamber Orchestra accompanying company issues with music
  • Drums classes & concert
  • Etc…